Advice instead of return

As described in the terms of delivery, we will of course also cover the costs of returns within Germany. It can always be that a sneaker does not fit or like. In Düsseldorf, Cologne and the surrounding area we would also pick up the sneakers personally. However, due to the ecological reasons mentioned below, we only send a maximum of 4 sneakers (2 packages) per order and person and will only pay the return costs for a maximum of 1 package (content: 2 pairs of sneakers). We hope for your understanding!
In addition, we are available for personal consultations by phone, video call and WhatsApp & Co, just give us a short notice. We are also happy to arrange a personal appointment at your location (Cologne & Düsseldorf) and simply bring the shoes you are interested in. Of course, this depends on the number of people, location and current Corona measures, but please contact us if you are interested! Regarding the returns we would just like to ask you to consider the following points:
  • Last year alone, approximately 280 million packages with 500 million products were returned. On average, around 15% of all goods are returned, withreturns rates of up to 50% for the major mail order companies.
  • In the process, 238,000 tons of CO2 equivalents were produced - about as much as would be produced by 2,200 car journeys from Hamburg to Moscow (source: University of Bamberg).
  • And with the average costs of €20 for return shipment inspection, quality defects due to articles already worn and the sales tax obligation for donations in kind, the grotesque situation arises that many companies simply throw the goods in the garbage instead of reselling or giving them away used.
So returns are not particularly sustainable....