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What are sustainable and fair trade sneaker shoes? And why a rethink is important

Sustainability is on everyone's lips and we encounter the term in all areas of life these days. There are countless great innovative sustainable products, but unfortunately also many that on closer inspection are not sustainable at all or are just greenwashing by the manufacturer.

So what about sustainable sneakers? What exactly are sustainable sneaker shoes and how do they differ from conventional sneakers? In this article we would like to offer you some guidance, give you some background information and show you what sustainable and fair sneakers are and why it makes sense to rethink and make more conscious purchasing decisions when buying sneakers.

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Sustainable & Fair Eco Sneakers - The 7 Coolest Sneaker Labels!
In this guide, we introduce you to the 7 best and coolest sustainable sneaker labels! Which ones are the hippest? Which ones will make you look good in any trendy neighborhood? These 7 here are all sustainable fair fashion brands and sustainable sneaker labels with a serious sustainability strategy as well as mega stylish, street-ready, natural, vegan and eco-friendly products from fair production! Sustainable and fair sneakers are the new generation of sneaker shoes and are in no way inferior to the established conventional big manufacturers in terms of styling! Especially not these, these are rather the future Nike & Co hunters!
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